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Realm of The Mad God (ROTMG) Swords are used by Warriors, Knights, and Paladins.
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Archon Sword

Buy Archon Sword: A sword pulsing with the powerful magic of ancient beings. Tier: 10 Shots: 1 Dama..

$0.23 Ex Tax: $0.23

Dragonsoul Sword

Buy Dragonsoul Sword: A sword forged in a great volcano and tinted with dragon magic. Tier: 9 Shots..

$0.07 Ex Tax: $0.07

Frostbite (ST)

You are about to buy Frostbite:So hot, it’s cool. The unique combo of hot and cold elements allows i..

$0.65 Ex Tax: $0.65

Weapons - Pixie-Enchanted Sword Out Of Stock

Pixie-Enchanted Sword (ST)

Buy Pixie-Enchanted Sword: Pixies are often a more aggressive fae. It makes great sense that th..

$1.45 Ex Tax: $1.45

Ravenheart Sword

Buy Ravenheart Sword: A powerful sword infused with the spirit of dark rituals. Tier: 8 Shots: 1 Da..

$0.02 Ex Tax: $0.02

Skull-splitter Sword (ST)

Buy Skull-splitter Sword...

$0.65 Ex Tax: $0.65

Skysplitter Sword

Buy Skysplitter Sword: An unfathomably powerful sword wielded by titanic air elementals in their gre..

$0.40 Ex Tax: $0.40

Sword of Acclaim

Buy Sword of Acclaim: A great sword of recognition, forged by the gods for the champions of humankin..

$0.95 Ex Tax: $0.95

Weapons - Sword of the Mad God (ST) Out Of Stock

Sword of the Mad God (ST)

Buy Sword of the Mad God...

$1.05 Ex Tax: $1.05

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