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Staff of Adoration (ST)

Weapons - Staff of Adoration (ST)

You are about to buy Staff of Adoration:

The unusual shots that this staff fires have been known to bind the hearts of your foes for all eternity, or at least until death do you part.

  • Tier: Untiered (Limited) 
  • Shots:
  • Damage: 50-95 (Average: 72.5) 
  • Projectile Speed: 18 
  • Range: 8.55 
  • Amplitude: 0.5 
  • Frequency:
  • Fame Bonus: 1% 
  • Feed Power: 145

Individual Chance of Tier Grouped Drops: 

  • Belladonna


The Staff of Adoration is a drop in Belladonna’s Garden. This dungeon can only be accessed with Bella’s Key, which was available for a limited time in the Player Appreciation Event in February 2014. This item is a reskin of T9 staff.

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