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Sentient Staff

New Weapons - Sentient Staff

Buy Sentient Staff: While it may be alive, it can’t speak. But, it CAN kill.

Tier: Special Theme Set 
Shots: 2 
Damage: 50-110 (Average: 80) 
Projectile Speed: 15 
Lifetime: 0.553 seconds 
Range: 8.3 
Amplitude: 1.1 
Frequency: 1 
Stat Bonuses: +10 HP, +5 MP, +10 WIS 
Fame Bonus: 4% 
Feed Power: 500 
Drops From: 
The Forgotten King

Part of the Twilight Archmage Set

This staff has was first made available through The Alchemist and was later added as a drop.

The Sentinent Staff has the same average damage as the Staff of the Cosmic Whole but offers an additional +10HP, +5MP and +10WIS. The additional stats are impressive, but the amplitude and frequency of the staff (similar to the Staff of Esben) makes it a lot more challenging to hit enemies than traditional staves.

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