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Realm of The Mad God (ROTMG) Katanas are used by Ninjas.
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Corrupted Cleaver

You are about to buy Corrupted Cleaver...

$0.65 Ex Tax: $0.65

Demon Edge

Buy Demon Edge: A cruel blade forged in hell flame and blood. Tier: 8 Shots: 1 Damage: 90-150 (Aver..

$0.04 Ex Tax: $0.04


Buy Ichimonji: One of the legendary great blades of the master Ichimonji. Tier: 10 Shots: 1 Damage:..

$0.15 Ex Tax: $0.15

Jewel Eye Katana

Buy Jewel Eye Katana: A mighty katana with a crystal eye embedded in the hilt. Tier: 9 Shots: 1 Dam..

$0.12 Ex Tax: $0.12


Buy Masamune: A magnificent legendary blade which only cuts those who deserve death. Tier: 12 Shots..

$0.85 Ex Tax: $0.85


Buy Muramasa: An evil blade that hungers for blood. Tier: 11 Shots: 1 Damage: 120-175 (Average: 147..

$0.39 Ex Tax: $0.39


You are about to buy Salju...

$0.65 Ex Tax: $0.65

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