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Realm of The Mad God (ROTMG) weapons that gives You ability to improve your damage!
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Agateclaw Dagger

You are about to buy Agateclaw Dagger:A dagger of rare purple agate, infused with powerful dark magi..

$0.39 Ex Tax: $0.39

An Icicle (ST)

Buy An Icicle (ST)...

$0.65 Ex Tax: $0.65

Archon Sword

Buy Archon Sword: A sword pulsing with the powerful magic of ancient beings. Tier: 10 Shots: 1 Dama..

$0.23 Ex Tax: $0.23

Bow of Covert Havens

Buy Bow of Covert Havens: A diamondwire bow used by guardians of the unseen ethereal shrines. Tier:..

$0.85 Ex Tax: $0.85

Bow of Fey Magic

Buy Bow of Fey Magic: A powerful bow crafted by dryads and blessed by the fey spirits of the woodlan..

$0.23 Ex Tax: $0.23

Bow of Innocent Blood

Buy Bow of Innocent Blood: A runed bow steeped in the dark power of ancient injustice. Tier: 11 Sho..

$0.39 Ex Tax: $0.39

Bow of Nightmares (ST)

You are about to buy Bow of Nightmares...

$0.65 Ex Tax: $0.65

Corrupted Cleaver

You are about to buy Corrupted Cleaver...

$0.65 Ex Tax: $0.65

Dagger of Foul Malevolence

Buy Dagger of Foul Malevolence: A crimson felsteel dagger saturated with evil deeds and the hatred o..

$0.85 Ex Tax: $0.85

Dagger of the Terrible Talon (ST)

Buy Dagger of the Terrible Talon...

$0.65 Ex Tax: $0.65

Demon Edge

Buy Demon Edge: A cruel blade forged in hell flame and blood. Tier: 8 Shots: 1 Damage: 90-150 (Aver..

$0.04 Ex Tax: $0.04

Dragonsoul Sword

Buy Dragonsoul Sword: A sword forged in a great volcano and tinted with dragon magic. Tier: 9 Shots..

$0.07 Ex Tax: $0.07

Emeraldshard Dagger

Buy Emeraldshard Dagger: A deadly dagger of glittering magical emerald. Tier: 10 Damage: 90-170 (Av..

$0.23 Ex Tax: $0.23

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