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Acropolis Armor -66%

Acropolis Armor

You are about to buy Acropolis Armor:Indestructible magical armor made for the elite stoneborn champ..

$0.95 $0.32 Ex Tax: $0.32

Agateclaw Dagger -67%

Agateclaw Dagger

You are about to buy Agateclaw Dagger:A dagger of rare purple agate, infused with powerful dark magi..

$0.39 $0.13 Ex Tax: $0.13

Archon Sword -65%

Archon Sword

Buy Archon Sword: A sword pulsing with the powerful magic of ancient beings. Tier: 10 Shots: 1 Dama..

$0.23 $0.08 Ex Tax: $0.08

Baneserpent Poison -67%

Baneserpent Poison

Buy Baneserpent Poison: Concentrated, lethal toxin found buried deep inside the blood of the etherea..

$0.85 $0.28 Ex Tax: $0.28

Banishment Orb -68%

Banishment Orb

Buy Banishment Orb: An orb of pure diamond, shining with an eerie blackness and thirsting to consume..

$0.31 $0.10 Ex Tax: $0.10

Bloodsucker Skull -67%

Bloodsucker Skull

Buy Bloodsucker Skull: The skull of a Vampire Lord runed with ancient evil passages. Tier: 6 MP Cos..

$0.85 $0.28 Ex Tax: $0.28

Bow of Covert Havens -67%

Bow of Covert Havens

Buy Bow of Covert Havens: A diamondwire bow used by guardians of the unseen ethereal shrines. Tier:..

$0.85 $0.28 Ex Tax: $0.28

Bow of Fey Magic -65%

Bow of Fey Magic

Buy Bow of Fey Magic: A powerful bow crafted by dryads and blessed by the fey spirits of the woodlan..

$0.23 $0.08 Ex Tax: $0.08

Bow of Innocent Blood -67%

Bow of Innocent Blood

Buy Bow of Innocent Blood: A runed bow steeped in the dark power of ancient injustice. Tier: 11 Sho..

$0.39 $0.13 Ex Tax: $0.13

Cloak of Endless Twilight -68%

Cloak of Endless Twilight

Buy Cloak of Endless Twilight: A powerful cloak woven from the shadows of twilight. Tier: 5 MP Cost..

$0.31 $0.10 Ex Tax: $0.10

Cloak of Ghostly Concealment -67%

Cloak of Ghostly Concealment

Buy Cloak of Ghostly Concealment: An eldritch cloak of the afterworld which grants invisibility by e..

$0.85 $0.28 Ex Tax: $0.28

Cloak of the Red Agent -75%

Cloak of the Red Agent

Buy Cloak of the Red Agent: A powerful cloak used by master spies to infiltrate the most tightly gua..

$0.04 $0.01 Ex Tax: $0.01

Cloudflash Scepter -71%

Cloudflash Scepter

Buy Cloudflash Scepter: A golden scepter of power, created by storm giants during their long war aga..

$0.07 $0.02 Ex Tax: $0.02

Common ???? Egg -68%

Common ???? Egg

All pets fall under a certain family, and only two pets of the same family can be fused together to ..

$0.40 $0.13 Ex Tax: $0.13

Common Aquatic Egg -68%

Common Aquatic Egg

All pets fall under a certain family, and only two pets of the same family can be fused together to ..

$0.40 $0.13 Ex Tax: $0.13