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RotMGMarket Muledump API (V1 beta)!

Finally it's here! The Muledump API!

Yes, not the actual Muledump (credits goes to: Atomizer; Git: here), but Muledump API. This API was created for everyone to use!


When Deca added a request limitation, Muledump and other projects, that were based on rotmg API died... We thought that it's not good to add limit on requests made from one IP. So we tried to figure out how we can bypass these limitation. So we created our own API. It is using LOT of different PRIVATE IP addresses to request mule data from rotmg API.


Here is a link to actual muledump, (thanks to Atomizer). It is configured to work with our API and updated to Realm of the Mad God version X17.0.0. We also modified it, so you can split your mules into groups and access them from a drop down menu.


  1. Download muledump from here;
  2. Request API key by contacting us by email muledump@rotmgmarket.com;
  3. After you will receive API key, edit muledumpdir\lib\apiKey.js and replace "YourApiKeyGoesHere" with API key you received from us.
  4. Edit muledumpdir\accounts\accounts_mules1.js or muledumpdir\accounts\accounts_mules2.js according to example in those files;
  5. Open muledumpdir\index.html file with your favorite browser and enjoy!

Where else can I use muledump API?

Muledump API can be use anywhere!!! If you have created some kind of program which used realm API or yahoo API, but now it doesn't work, because of limitation - YOU CAN USE OUR API TO HANDLE THAT!

Any limitations?

Unfortunately yes. Because private IP's and servers are expensive, we limited API requests to 50/hour. That means that you can refresh 50 mules every hour.

If you need more requests for high loads, please contacts us muledump@rotmgmarket.com and we will discuss.

Terms and Conditions

We RotMGMarket can any time stop access for any free API key, without any explanations. This doesn't affect payable service.