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Getting your items

How do I claim items that I bought?

This is very easy. Please follow these simple steps to claim items:

Step 1. After successful* payment, within 10 minutes (usually 5 minutes, in this case it took 2 minutes to deliver items ), You will receive email from orders@rotmgmarket.com with a title "ROTMGMarket Delivery for Order [your order number]".

NOTE: PLEASE also check your spam folder.

Step 2. Inside that message you will find mule login details <- There your items are stored.

Step 3. Open two tabs in a browser and go to www.realmofthemadgod.com on both. In one tab login with Your main account, on second login to mule account/accounts from email You have received.

NOTE: Please be sure to select same server in both tabs.

NOTE2: Please be sure to check all mule accounts!

Step 4. Last but not least, go somewhere with both characters (so you can see your or your mule name in a list) and give a trade from Your account to mule account. Then select item/items and accept the trade.

ALL DONE!!! Enjoy Your Items!


Order will be delivered ASAP when order status after payment is set to Completed, but if you received confirmation email with order status:

  • Fraud review


  • Fraud

Order might take more time to process, because we will need to check legibility of order and payment. Orders that have those statuses are being approved Monday-Sunday 08:00-22:00 (UTC+00:00 - London time), sometimes sooner - depends on workloads. To get your order approved faster, please send information below to info@rotmgmarket.com from email associated with your paypal/bank account:

  • Full name;
  • Full address;
  • Full screen picture, screenshot or reference of transaction.

If you refuse to send information mentioned  above, please contact us and we will initiate a full refund.