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Realm of The Mad God (ROTMG) Robes are used by Wizards, Priests, Necromancers, Mystics, and Sorcerers.
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Robe of the Elder Warlock

Buy Robe of the Elder Warlock: A brightly colored robe of metallic threads, woven in the ancient elv..

$0.39 Ex Tax: $0.39

Robe of the Grand Sorcerer

Buy Robe of the Grand Sorcerer: A bloodweft robe adorned with rubies and firegarnets, worn by an anc..

$0.85 Ex Tax: $0.85

Robe of the Illusionist

Buy Robe of the Illusionist: A silversilk robe masterfully sewn with morningdew spider threads. Tie..

$0.02 Ex Tax: $0.02

Robe of the Master

Buy Robe of the Master: A beautiful and versatile robe of the lightest magethread. Tier: 9 Stat Bon..

$0.04 Ex Tax: $0.04

Robe of the Moon Wizard

Buy Robe of the Moon Wizard: A robe of rarest moonsilk, enhanced long ago with deep nocturnal enchan..

$0.23 Ex Tax: $0.23

Robe of the Shadow Magus

Buy Robe of the Shadow Magus: A highly decorated robe of purple wizardcloth, imbued with powers of s..

$0.09 Ex Tax: $0.09

Armor - Robe of the Summer Solstice (ST) Out Of Stock

Robe of the Summer Solstice (ST)

Buy Robe of the Summer Solstice...

$0.95 Ex Tax: $0.95

Armor - Shendyt of Geb (ST Robe) Out Of Stock

Shendyt of Geb (ST)

Shendyt of Geb: A ceremonial garment worn by those who worship the god Geb.Tier: ST S..

$1.45 Ex Tax: $1.45

Armor - Soulless Robe (ST) Out Of Stock

The Robe of Twilight (ST)

Buy The Robe of Twilight...

$1.99 Ex Tax: $1.99

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