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Leather Armor

Leather Armor
Realm of The Mad God (ROTMG) Leather Armor is used by Rogues, Archers, Assassins, Huntresses, and Tricksters.
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Drake Hide Armor

Buy Drake Hide Armor: Leather armor fashioned from the scaly skin of a firebreathing drake. Tier: 9..

$0.04 Ex Tax: $0.04

Griffon Hide Armor

Buy Griffon Hide Armor: Superior leather armor made from the magical hide of a griffon. Tier: 12 St..

$0.39 Ex Tax: $0.39

Hippogriff Hide Armor

Buy Hippogriff Hide Armor: Leather armor made from the protective skin of hippogriffs. Tier: 11 Sta..

$0.23 Ex Tax: $0.23

Hydra Skin Armor

Buy Hydra Skin Armor: Superlative leather armor fashioned from the skin of a twelve-headed swamp hyd..

$0.85 Ex Tax: $0.85

Roc Leather Armor

Buy Roc Leather Armor: Leather armor made from the durable hide of a roc. Tier: 10 Stat Bonuses: +1..

$0.09 Ex Tax: $0.09

Studded Leather Armor

Buy Studded Leather Armor: Leather armor studded with metal rivets that provide extra protection. T..

$0.02 Ex Tax: $0.02

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