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Banishment Orb

-39% Orbs - Banishment Orb

Buy Banishment Orb: An orb of pure diamond, shining with an eerie blackness and thirsting to consume the life essence of mortals.

Tier: 5 
MP Cost: 80 
Effects: Stasis & Curse to enemies, Berserk to self 
Stasis Radius: 3 sqrs 
Stasis Duration: 5.5 seconds 
Curse Radius: \begin{cases}5&\text{wis}<30\\5+\frac{\text{wis}}{30}&30\leq\text{wis}\\\end{cases}   sqrs 
Curse Duration: \begin{cases}6.5&\text{wis}<30\\6.5+\frac{13\cdot\text{wis}}{300}&30\leq\text{wis}\\\end{cases}   seconds 
Berserk Duration: \begin{cases}1.5&\text{wis}<30\\1.5+\frac{\text{wis}}{100}&30\leq\text{wis}\\\end{cases}   seconds 
Fame Bonus: 3% 
Feed Power: 185

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